About Ulan-Ude
CIty polyclinic No 1
About Ulan-Ude city polyclinic No 1
Address: 27 Kalandaryshvili street, Ulan-Ude, Russian Federation 670000

Medical License: 2338-л, issued June 20th, 2000, by Ulan-Ude City Licensure Chamber.

Founder: Ministry of Health Care of Buryat Republic. Ulan-Ude city Polyclinic No 1 provides primary health care to children and adults of the Sovetsky district of Ulan-Ude city, as well as to the population from other nearby areas. Medical services include 17 specialties of first-aid services and for 7 specialties of special medical services (3 of them is in the in-patient daycare facility).

29 types of specialized medical services including 9 types in the in-patient daycare facility, as well as medical examinations and medical expertise, are also provided to the population of Sovetsky district.

Sovetsky district Facts.

Area: 61.35 square meters, 40 kilometers are between farthest points.

Population: 90,000 including 24,000 children.

There are 4 branches extends Ulan-Ude city Polyclinic No 1. 9 distant primary care physician offices, OB/GYN facility, 24/7 Trauma Center, In-patient daycare facility. The polyclinic Org Chart is divided into 31 primary care sites, 21 pediatric sites, 15 OB/GYN sites, 7 family doctor sites.

161 medical doctors, 286 nurses, and 177 non-medical personnel are employed in Ulan-Ude city Polyclinic No 1.

7 medical doctors hold a Ph.D. degree.

30% of medical doctors and 57% of nurses earned the highest professional rank.

20 medical doctors have an Honored Doctor title.

8 nurses have an "Excellent in Profession" title.

Hours of operation: Mo - Fr: 7.30-20.00Saturday : 09:00-15.00 (doctors-on-duty only)

Сhief medical officer - Natalia Badmaeva, MD
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